Choosing to embark on building a custom home, renovating a character home or adding an extension is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. There are lots of things to consider, particularly the financial investment. Most people are unaware of costs that need to be factored in before construction actually commences. These include fees such as design, plan development, specialist consultants and building approvals. There’s also the GST which is applied to all relevant expenses.

Establishing what features or requirements are non-negotiable and what aspects are nice to have will help during the design phase. As your appointed building designer, we will navigate you through the process and advise you on what costs are unavoidable when it comes to designing your home and/or extension. 

When it comes time to build, there are three main factors that will influence the price of your home: size, quality and complexity of the build.

While it is important to understand these key elements, there are a range of other factors that can impact the cost of building.

Below we have listed our top five factors that often impact the costs to build. Keeping these in mind will provide you with greater clarity when planning your home’s design.


The bigger the house, the higher the cost. This is directly related to increased materials and labour. If you are planning a second storey for your home, there are also additional site construction and hiring costs associated with building at heights; for example scaffold, roof railing and void protection which are essential safety requirements for trades to carry out their work.


Whilst having the best of the best is what many people want when building or renovating their home, costs can quickly escalate. Sourcing similar alternatives to materials, fixtures or fittings can help keep projects within budget. BTF Constructions will provide advice on this during the design phase. We include fittings and fixtures that are at a reasonable price point, while also ensuring good warranty.

Energy Efficiency

The minimum energy rating in South Australia is now at Seven Stars, which requires higher grades on certain materials such as window glazing and insulation. This all comes with higher costs to purchase and install. Energy efficient materials often require specific sourcing and are more labour intensive. Investing in solar panels and a battery may be an additional outlay, but this investment to your home will likely offset your future energy expenses.

Site Conditions 

Narrow properties, sloping sites and reactive soil types may result in higher building costs due to extra planning,logistical measures and increased structural components. When presented with challenging sites, we will design accordingly to reduce building costs where possible. Difficult access impacts delivery and use of machinery, and often other measures are needed, such as cranes to provide workable solutions. This can often lead to increased build costs.

Project Timeline

Setting a realistic timeline is vital as delays can be costly. Talk with us about how we can best manage your expectations around timelines. You may need to source alternative accommodation during the build, and planning this together and in advance will assist in managing costs.  

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BTF Constructions specialise in design and build of custom new homes as well as extensions and renovations. Drawing upon our vast knowledge of building homes in the Adelaide region, we can suggest solutions or alternatives to work with you to create plans that align with your lifestyle and budget.

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