Are you dreaming of transforming your backyard into a summertime paradise? With one in seven Australians living with either a swimming pool or spa in their backyard, incorporating a pool into your home design is an excellent way to achieve this vision. At BTF Constructions we have installed a wide range of pools in the Adelaide area and we are here to guide you through the process. 

The first step is understanding the design and installation process. It involves meticulous planning, from layout and size considerations to selecting the right materials and features. 

Pool Design Process

A well-designed pool is not just about swimming; it’s about creating a space for outdoor relaxation and entertaining, therefore you want to put your pool in a space that makes the most out of the sunshine. This is typically the northern part of your backyard. 

Privacy and sight lines are significant factors to consider when choosing the location. If you have children, you should ensure your pool is situated accordingly to provide optimum visibility from both inside and outside of your home. It might also be worth choosing a location that is hidden away from your neighbours and also away from trees to avoid debris and staining to your pool tiles.

When it comes to sizes and shapes, rectangular pools prove to be the most popular, however the size will be very dependent on how much space your yard offers. Typically, the most common sizes are 6×4 or 7×3 as they tend to provide ample space for kids to play, as well as accommodating numerous people at the one time. 

Deciding whether to put in a concrete or a fibreglass pool is very much a price driven decision and also dependent on the final design you are wanting to achieve. We find that our clients always opt for a concrete pool due to return on investment, and more importantly, the capacity to tailor-design your pool. Concrete allows you to include tailor-made steps, seats, ledges and even ‘beaches’ (paddling, low-lying steps). 

When it comes to designing your pool with BTF Constructions, we will consider your block size and opt for a practical and functional size that will suit your purpose and overall outdoor living space. 

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Pool Installation Process

Depending on the house design, the pool is one of the key elements that is constructed first. Installation involves many phases including excavation, shoring, formwork and concrete foundation. Later, as house construction comes to completion, a pool is tiled, filled with water and commissioned for operation. At handover, we provide you a ‘test-drive’ of your pool, so you are equipped on how to maintain your pool. 

BTF Constructions has installed countless pools over the years including a range of shapes and sizes depending on the lifestyle requirements of our client. We can help you create the perfect outdoor living area which seamlessly incorporates a pool with an alfresco dining area that can be utilised all year round. If you are considering adding a pool into your backyard, it is always advisable to talk with a builder early in the planning process as both plumbing and wiring is required and therefore a professional opinion on how to best go about this will prove invaluable.

Space Restrictions

Dealing with limited space? This isn’t such an issue anymore with the rise in popularity of plunge pools as they suit just about every backyard. This style provides a solution for families who want a pool in their backyard but still want space for an outdoor entertaining area. Plunge pools come in a range of shapes but are smaller and are designed more for lounging and cooling off than for swimming laps. As they are smaller in size, they can double as a hot tub in winter as well. It is a great way to not have to sacrifice too much space in the backyard.

Australian Engineering and Council Requirements

Building a pool involves adhering to strict Australian engineering requirements, especially if there are existing structures on your property. 

There are also varying local council requirements depending on where you live that will dictate how far the pool can be from your house, property boundary and other structures. Our team is well-versed in these regulations and will ensure your project complies with all necessary standards.

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