Ah, the thrill of building your own home! But before the bricklaying begins, a crucial question arises: single-storey or double-storey? Fear not homeowner, for this guide will peel back the layers, uncovering the pros and cons of each design to help you craft your perfect layout. Here are the factors that you might consider in deciding your custom-built home.

Single or Double Storey? Consider the Following Factors

Space and Layout

Land size plays a key role. Do you have a sprawling estate or a city-sized plot? Double storey homes cleverly maximize smaller blocks, stacking living areas like colorful blocks in Tetris. This leaves ample room for sprawling gardens or that dreamy pool, ensuring your outdoor haven flourishes.

But don’t underestimate the single storey’s charm! Its horizontal flow fosters togetherness and allows for easy access to every corner, making it ideal for families with young children or mobility concerns.

Open Plan vs. Zoned Living

Picture this: a light-filled, open-plan living area in a single storey home, perfect for impromptu dance parties. Think breezy conversations flowing seamlessly from kitchen to living room.

Double storey homes offer a different flavor: zoned living, where bedrooms upstairs create a peaceful sanctuary separate from the downstairs bustle. Imagine dedicated study nooks or hobby rooms tucked away, offering quiet havens amidst the family hubbub.

Privacy: Finding Your Quiet Corner

Teenagers seeking sanctuary? In-laws craving their own space? A double storey home can be a haven for individuality. Bedrooms tucked away upstairs offer privacy and quietude, while downstairs living areas become the social hub. In single storey homes, creating designated quiet zones can be trickier, but strategic furniture placement and clever room dividers can work wonders.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms Galore

Family size plays a big role. Do you envision a bustling brood or a cozy couple’s retreat? Single storey homes excel with smaller families or minimalist living, requiring less square footage. However, expanding families might favor the double storey’s potential for additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Just remember, more rooms often translate to higher building costs.


Single-Storey Homes:

Let’s explore the pros and cons of single-storey versus double-storey homes to help you make an informed decision for your custom-built abode

Maintenance Ease: Single-storey homes are easier to maintain because everything is on the same level. No need to navigate stairs while cleaning or fixing your home. Exterior tasks like power-washing, window washing, and painting remain straightforward without the need for scaffolding.

Simplicity in Design: If you’re building your dream house, single-storey homes are simpler to design and less expensive. They’re also easier to structurally engineer and can even be built with prefab components.

Safety and Accessibility: Ideal for families with toddlers or elderly members, single-storey homes reduce the risk of falls and accidents. Aging in place becomes safer as well.

Evacuation: In emergencies like fires, ground-floor windows provide easy escape routes.

Drawbacks of Single-Storey Homes:

Cost: Larger footprints require more land, materials (foundation, roofing, windows), and longer plumbing and HVAC runs, leading to higher costs.

Privacy: Single-storey homes may offer less privacy compared to their double-storey counterparts.


Double-Storey Homes:

Elegance and Privacy: Multistory houses inherently exude elegance. Bedrooms and living spaces can be separated, providing privacy for family members.

Safety: Wood-framed double-storey houses are safer during earthquakes.

Considerations for Both Options:

  • Budget: If you can afford it and desire more space, opt for a double-storey home.
  • Maintenance: If you prefer affordability and easy maintenance, a single-storey home might be your choice.


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